~New space propulsion secure system exceeded the existing (risky) rocket propulsion etc~

[Background of the Invention]
Now, it is said that the rocket propulsion has been based on the law of conservation momentum which is implied mainly the action-reaction law.

@Newton's third law of motion (by Wikipedia etc as of May 31, 2018)
When one body:A exerts a force (FA) on a second body, the second body:B simultaneously exerts
a force (FB) equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. [FA=-FB]

However, only this is nothing short of infelicity and/or insufficiency...
Because it might be unjustly misunderstood that all the forces are in equilibrium
when there is every action (force) has an equal and opposite reaction (force).

In short, just in case that there is an action force by exerting B's own power differing to A's action force,
it would have been made not a few mistakes (errors in value calculation of [...]'s Force)
as to the interaction between A(F1) and B(F2), [F1 is not equal to F2].

So, it should be easily (understandably) revised as follows.
@Newton's third law of motion (the revised version)
When one body exerts an action force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts
a reaction force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

AF=-RF or AF(..)=-RF(..)
*AF is an action force.
*RF is a reaction force.
*(..) is each interactive object name.

The main point is...
to be able to move an object (as a complex of a hollow body and a fluid body) at rest
without shifting in center of gravity, with no external force...,
by causing unbalance (imbalance) action forces of the interaction between the above different bodies.

[Zeroth law of Motion]
Even if the net force (the vector sum of all forces acting on an object) is zero,
an object of a hollow body with flowable substances inside (in the closed fluid system)
is able to convert its movement state from remaining at rest to move at a constant velocity
on the spot (the initial position) without moving the center of gravity
by causing unbalanced action forces (pressure difference) of the inter-action
upon a starting (basic) point as an action point of the above net (resultant) force,
furthermore, in uniformly accelerated motion by the repetition of the physical phenomenon.

*The (repetitive) movement is (most) effective especially in space propulsion.

As an actual proof of the movement for the object (hollow) body in the closed fluid system,
our Super-Power-Drive (see the following web site) and EmDrive have been mainly cited.
*Super Power Drive*
(Incl. the theoretical reason that the momentum could not be conserved in the closed fluid system)

The SuperPowerDrive has already succeeded on the ground experiment.
The EmDrive has been openly successful in tests by NASA etc.

The SuperPowerDrive is outstandingly,incomparably superior to the EmDrive in the space propulsive force.
So, the SuperPowerDrive will be able to reach Mars etc in a few hours (with lowest cost),
compared to the EmDrive that could get to the moon in four hours (see the following web sites)


[The supplement for equilibrium of force, or non-equilibrium of forces]
As for the established Newton's (theoretical) law of universal gravitation,
an attractive force by every point mass and an attractive force by every single other point mass
may be in equilibrium of the forces (F1=-F2)
as far as we consider the fixed diagram as below.


*Note:According to the definition of the above law,
Every point mass attracts every single other point mass by a force
acting along the line intersecting both points.
But it should be noted that the diagram (which seems that each mass itself is quite pushing its force
one another in spite of a right indication for pulling its force) is obviously unnatural (unreal),
for there are the two force vectors (F1&F2) as to a(=one) force...

However, the two forces are not really in equal in point of fact.
in view of the gravitational interaction between the earth (large mass) and
an object (small mass) with no centrifugal force and so forth,
the same object has ended up falling freely, of course,
not staying (remaining) in the air as equilibrium of the two attracting forces,

Basically, the attractive force by the small mass must be an apparent (fictitious) force for temporarily
balancing with the attractive force by the large mass.

@Newton's law of universal gravitation (the revised version)
Every point mass of m1 (larger than m2) attracts every single other point mass of m2 (less than m1)
by an actual force acting along the line intersecting both points.
The attractive force is proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional
to the square of the distance between them:

F = Gm1m2/r2
F is an attractive force by which one object (m1) attracts another (m2).
m1 is the larger mass than m2...
(see the new diagram as follows)


[Appendix concerning the (apparent) force of universal gravitation]
Some theoretical physicist (Prof. Lisa Randoll etc) thinks that extra dimensions of space(-time) may be existing in there (hiding somewhere or other) for the reason why gravity is so weak in contrast to electromagnetism and other forces, in other words, how a small magnet can pluck up a paper clip despite the gravitational pull of the entire planet.

However, even though the above clip has been attracted by the terrestrial gravitation,
the gravity is not naturally much stronger than the magnetic force etc,
because the value of the gravitational constant is extremely small (low) by nature,
in addition, just in case of being very, very light for that object which the entire earth pulls in...

Although it's difficult to measure (at least millimeters or less) with high accuracy as to the physical constant, it is so difficult to think (very hard to imagine) that the above value goes (high-)up exceptionally,
only limited to that smaller (smallest) scale...

Nevertheless, in thinking that the gravity is too weak, it's considered that the above matter might be caused under a misapprehension (miscalculation) that the attractive (apparent) force by the clip itself is equal to the attracting (actual) force by the entire earth, in accordance with the fixed law (a physical equation) of the universal gravitation, F1= F2... *see the above (old) diagram.

Therefore, it may not be necessary (essential, indispensable) to balance the two sides, that is,
the (substantial) Higgs boson and the (virtual) Planck particle in consideration of the gravitational interaction between the Higgs mass and the Planck mass on the most important hierarchy problem.


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